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Contact Lens Fitting

At Insight Complete Eye Care contact lens fittings are done in four steps, which include:

  1. Comprehensive eye examination to determine your unique vision problems and prescription

  2. Topography of your eye completed with a simple and painless scanning laser

  3. Contact lens selection based on your individual prescription(s)

  4. Evaluation of your contact lenses and prescription after you’ve had a chance to wear them

Our office utilizes only the very best technology so we can accurately prescribe you the best vision solution. No two eyes are exactly the same, and we carefully evaluate each eye and take into consideration the contact lens fitting solution that is right for you.

Our team specializes in corneal conditions, and we have a high success rate in finding lens solutions for our corneal compromised patients. Although doctors’ services, such as exams, are non-refundable, we do offer a 90-day warranty period on all our lenses, so you can feel confident we will find the best option for you!

Contact Lens Fitting Near Me

If you would like to schedule a comprehensive vision exam and contact lens fitting, call or text our friendly staff at Insight Complete Eye Care (214) 739-8611.

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