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​Why Are My Eyes Tired?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Visiting an eye doctor for bloodshot eyes may result in concerns about chronic eye strain. An optometrist may ask questions about your lifestyle to identify the underlying factors that contribute to your tired eyes. By recognizing the common causes, you can take steps to reduce strain on your eyes and avoid discomfort from eye fatigue.


Digital eye strain is a common cause of tired eyes. It stems from the use of digital devices, like tablets, phones or computers. When you use a digital device regularly, take breaks every 20 minutes to look away from the device and focus on an object roughly 20 feet from your current location. Allow your eyes to stay on that object for 20 seconds or more before turning back to the computer or phone.


Reading and writing require your concentration and focus. You may hold a book or other paperwork near your face, which requires your eyes to focus at a close distance. When you read or write regularly for your work or entertainment, consider holding the book at a farther distance from your eyes. You also want to take breaks every few minutes to avoid bloodshot and tired eyes.


Driving causes strain in your eyes due to the intense focus required for your safety. It worsens at night, so you want to be aware of the risks. You can limit your risk by driving less often, taking breaks during a long drive or wearing glasses that reduce the glare of headlights or the sun reflected off water or other objects.


You want to visit an optometrist for tired eyes when you notice the problem is causing concerns in your lifestyle. An eye doctor will help identify the cause of your eye fatigue and then recommend adjustments to your behavior that will help with your symptoms.

Treating tired eyes depends on the cause of your discomfort. For more information about treating tired eyes or to set up an appointment with an optometrist, call (214) 739-8611 to contact us today.

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