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Choosing The Right Trending Prescription Glasses


Long gone are the days of “omg I have to wear glasses”. Thankfully many different styles of glasses is trendy, and wearing it instantly makes you cooler. Whether you have to wear them because you can’t see two feet in front of your face or you have picture perfect vision; these trendy accessories come in all shapes, sizes and colors. At Insight Complete Eye Care in Dallas, we understand eyewear and we want yours to make a statement.


When choosing eyeglasses, carefully study the shape of your face. Is it narrow or wide? Is the general shape rounded, square or rectangular, heart-shaped or triangular? Understanding face shape is crucial to getting a well-tailored pair of spectacles that compliments your features. To keep it simple, generally the shape of your eyeglasses should contrast the shape of your face. To give you an idea, angular face shapes look best with more rounded shaped frames which tend to soften features. Triangular faces have wider jawlines that angle to a narrower forehead [think Reese Witherspoon] and benefit from a cat-eye style to balance features.

trending glasses


Did we mention color?! Do you remember ROGIBIV from grade school well imagine that on steroids? This is the fun part as almost anything goes. As unique as you are, so is your color palette when it comes to eyewear collections. Popular eyewear can accommodate a lot, but a few things to consider when choosing eyeglasses would be hair color, eye color and complexion. Warmer skin tones tend to do well with earth tone shades of beige, brown, gold, orange, red, and green. Dark frames especially black tend to make light eyes stand out across a room-talk about a “wow-factor”. Tortoiseshell frames are a great neutral while complimenting warm and cool complexions. Go big, go bright, And BE BOLD. Glasses are a part of who you are and directly reflect your unique personality.


Insight Complete Eye Care offers eye-catching frame styles from the best independent collections in the industry. Be open to a new look and let us bring out your inner “geek-chic” ala Zooey Deschanel. Aviators….no problem, we’ve got your Maverick styles too! If you are in Dallas stop by and visit with our experienced certified opticians. Let us help you choose the best-trending glasses frames that complement your face shape and a color that highlights your complexion. We are confident we can help you find your eyewear passion and expand your optical wardrobe with glasses styles that work for you. You can depend on our dedicated optical stylist to provide you with exceptional service and style.

Dr. Ivan Bank, Dr. Lindsey Bank, Dr. Tracy Stringfield, and Dr. James Williams can provide comprehensive eye health exams and vision care to patients in Dallas TX and the surrounding areas. Call or text Insight Complete Eye Care today at (214) 739-8611 for an appointment.

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